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佛羅倫斯的四天時尚慶典Four days of fashion festivities in Florence

國際時尚編輯Suzy Menkes蘇西曼奇斯,這次到了義大利佛羅倫斯參加佛羅倫斯的四天時尚慶典,一起來看看相關報導。

Andrea Bocelli and an aquatic show are spectacles amongst the celebrations.


Firenze Hometown of Fashion’ impressive opening ceremony
With gondolas carrying devils and angels, a crinoline lady a-top a long boat and water cyclists skimming the rippling waters of the River Arno, Florence kicked off four days of fashion celebration.
隨著載著天使與魔鬼的貢多拉狹長小船、搭乘於長船上的蓬襯裙女孩、水上摩托車滑過阿諾河River Arno,濺起一波波的水花,佛羅倫斯長達四天的時尚慶典就此啟動。
Somewhere between a water pageant and an Italian Lent ‘Carnivale’, the opening ceremony launched ‘Firenze Hometown of Fashion’ – a tribute to 60 years of style seeded in Florence. This was viewed from the Ponte Santa Trinita bridge.
這些水上活動與義大利風格的「嘉年華」熱鬧慶典,啟動了時尚之都佛羅倫斯Firenze Hometown of Fashion – 一場向六十多年來在佛羅倫斯滋長的時尚種籽致意。從Ponte Santa Trinita三一橋看過去的景象。


The water pageant on the River Arno 阿諾河上的水上慶典
The event also celebrates Pitti Uomo, the twice-a- year men ‘s fashion showcase with 1089 brands in a fair that also includes 75 women’s collections at Pitti W.
這場慶典活動並包括Pitti Uomo男裝展,是一場每年兩次的男裝秀,共有1089加廠商參展,其中包括Pitti W的75組女裝系列。


Stefano Ricci and Suzy enjoy the celebrations Stefano Ricci與蘇西曼奇斯歡度慶典活動
Gaetano Marzotto, President of Pitti Immagini and Stefano Ricci, President of Centro Firenze per la Moda Italiana, heading one of the iconic Florentine brands, hosted a concert in the hyper- modern new opera house, designed by Italian architects ABDR.
佛羅倫斯服裝展Pitti Immagini主席Gaetano Marzotto與佛羅倫斯義大利時尚中心Centro Firenze per la Moda Italiana主席Stefano Ricci引領佛羅倫斯的重點品牌,並於全新由義大利建築師事務所 ABDR設計的超現代劇院舉行一場表演。


Andrea Bocelli’s live performance is projected on to a wall 波伽利現場的演出也同步播放於電視牆上
There, Andrea Bocelli’s soaring voice brought tears to the eyes of an audience that included fashion figures from Laudomia Pucci to the Ferragamo family.
在此,安德烈‧波伽利Andrea Bocelli充滿穿透力的歌聲,讓在現場的觀眾,包括Laudomia Pucci與Ferragamo家族等貴賓,無不感動到熱淚盈眶。
‘Florence is so beautiful – and we owe Florence a lot, ‘ said Ferruccio Ferragamo after the concert, as dinner was served under lowering clouds on a bridge which gave a dramatic view of events. They included not only the pageant’s fireworks, but also the new illumination of the Ponte Vecchio, sponsored by Stefano Ricci.
「佛羅倫斯如此美麗,而我們虧欠它太多,」演唱會結束之後,晚宴設於可以在雲騰下鳥瞰慶典美景的橋上,Ferruccio Ferragamo如此表示。當晚的慶典包括煙火秀還有Ponte Vecchio維琪奧老橋上最新由Stefano Ricci贊助的燈光秀。


Ponte-Vecchio’s new eco-friendly lights Ponte-Vecchio維琪奧老橋上全新環保燈光
The bridge was also a parade ground for Sbandieratori’, or flag-wavers in historic uniforms.


Sbandieratorii enjoy the festivities Sbandieratorii舞旗表演者享受這場盛會
Laudomia Pucci, remembering her father Emilio Pucci on parade in his costume as he road on horseback through his city, summed up her own feeling of pride in Florence’s past history and dynamic present. ‘I feel proud to be European, Italian and Florentine, she said. ‘And it is nice to celebrate 60 years of fashion.’
Laudomia Pucci回想起過去父親Emilio Pucci在遊行中,身穿他設計的服裝、騎著馬穿梭他的家鄉街道,這段回憶總讓她對佛羅倫斯的歷史與現況感到無比驕傲。「我很榮幸能夠成為一位歐洲人、義大利人、佛羅倫斯人,」她說:「能夠這樣慶祝六十年的時尚真美好。」


Capturing ‘Firenze Hometown of Fashion’ celebrations from above
從高處捕捉「時尚之都佛羅倫斯Firenze Hometown of Fashion」歡慶畫面


Andrea Bocelli performing famous Italian opera arias.
安德烈‧波伽利Andrea Boccelli演唱知名義大利歌劇詠嘆調

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