POLIMODA義大利服裝設計暨時尚管理學院教授Aki Choklat專訪

»»»»POLIMODA義大利服裝設計暨時尚管理學院教授Aki Choklat專訪

POLIMODA義大利服裝設計暨時尚管理學院教授Aki Choklat專訪

對於Fashion Trend Forecasting有興趣的同學,快來聽聽教授Aki Choklat的專訪。

1. Introduction:who are you?/ What do you teach? / How long have you been at polimoda?
2. Fostering of talent, contacts with the fashion companies, reception, quality… In your opinion what are the strong points of polimoda?
3. Working in fashion: what are the key requirements at present?
4. Florence is a beautiful art city, but also the core of a territory linked to production for the fashion sector; how much can this city contribute to the future of the fashion system?
5. What is the future of fashion?
6. Advice for young people wanting to take up a career in fashion?

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