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POLIMODA 義大利服裝設計暨時尚管理學院畢業生 Daniele Davitti 經驗分享

1. What course did you attend at Polimoda?
2. When did you qualify?
3. What are you doing now? /What is your position in the company?
4. Why did you choose Polimoda?
5. What particular strength did you acquire at Polimoda?
6. How important is training in the sector you work in?
7. Polimoda is located in one of the best-loved art cities in the world: what are the lasting impressions of your stay in Florence? What do you think are the plus features of the city?
8. What is your dream for the future?
9. What is the future of fashion?
10. A message for the young Polimoda students?

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